Environmental Policy

We at Saurashtra Cement Limited, Ranavav, manufacturers of clinker and cement are dedicated and committed to prevention of pollution and minimizing the adverse environmental impacts of our operations.

We commit ourselves to:

    • Comply with applicable improve-mental legislation, regulations and other requirements.
    • Ensure continual improvement in our environmental performance by setting, reviewing and achieving its objective by:
          1. Minimising generation of dust and stack emission to the extent practicable by improving our manufacturing & operational practices;
          2. Optimising use & conservation of raw materials, fuel & energy;
          3. Monitoring dust & noise levels in ambient air on regular basis
          4. Maximising reuse of waste generated;
          5. Developing awareness among the persons who work for us on our behalf to work in a manner, which ensures preservation of environment;
          6. Conserving & developing of green belt over a period of time by encouraging plantation.
          7. Commitment to EMS in harmony with other management systems adopted by the company.

(Managing Director)

Date: 20th January 2011